Zalco is an aluminium foundry specialising in casting aluminium extrusion billets and rolling slabs in various dimensions to our customers’ specifications.

Either scrap aluminium or primary aluminium serve as raw material for our products, or, if so desired, the customer itself can provide the raw material in order for Zalco to die-cast it in the desired composition.

Zalco carries a broad range of extrusion billets and rolling slab products. Extrusion billets are available in 27 different diameters, and rolling slabs in 60 different formats. This applies to all types of alloys, with lengths from 500 mm to 8000 mm available for sale.

Zalco has 2 melting furnaces and a number of pre-treatment furnaces, as well 3 batch homogenisation furnaces and a continuous homogenisation furnace.

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Zalco is a supplier of aluminium extrusion billets and rolling slabs. This is Zalco final product, which in turn serves as a raw material for the aluminium processing industry such as pressing shops and rolling mills.

The product is processed in a very broad spectrum of goods, from consumer goods to machinery.

It goes without saying that product quality is a strict requirement and merits a great deal of attention within the organisation.

Zalco is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Each product manufactured is analysed for the right composition by means of an OES (Optical Emission Spectrometer) before casting is begun.

Quality measurements are taken throughout the entire manufacturing process in order to meet the strictest customer requirements.

Every product can be homogenised.

A clear print can be applied to each product according to customer specification.

Quality at Zalco

The market set strict requirements not only on the final product, but on the processes used to manufacture them as well, either directly or indirectly. After all, the products alone are not the only thing that factor in to customer satisfaction: reliability of delivery, sustainability and guaranteed continuity are also make their contribution.

Thus Zalco ensures continuous inspection and improvement of the processes in addition to product quality control.

Zalco is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Zalco transport facilities consist of trucking by road, water transport by lighter or railway transport, if desired. Road access to the hinterland is regarded as very convenient. The German Ruhr area is a 2½ hour drive; the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp can be reached via open water.

We serve our customers in the aluminium industry throughout Europe from this strategic location.

Health, safety and the environment

Zalco has a progressive Health, Safety and Environment programme (HSE). Health, Safety and the Environment are of paramount importance at Zalco, which constantly bears the quality of products and services in mind as well.

Zalco does everything in its power to meet the requirements and expectations of its customers as well as the needs of its employers and other parties it collaborates with. Zalco does so with respect to the health and safety of its employees as well as of other people, protecting the environmental to the best of its ability in the process.

Spearheads of the HSE policy are:

  • Working in compliance with statutory and other regulations
  • Maintaining and expanding an environmentally-aware, healthy and safe company
  • Preventing serious accidents and incidents

We would be happy to send you our environmental policy upon request via info@zalco.nl

History of Zalco

Construction of the plant Pechiney Nederland NV (PNL) began in 1969 under commission of French multinational Pechiney.

At that time, Vlissingen was selected as the location for the business because it was situated on deep water, which facilitates bringing in raw materials and transporting final products. The plant consisted of 3 large departments: the electrolysis department where aluminium was extracted from alumina in an electrolytic process; a foundry where the aluminium produced was cast; and a department that produced anodes for the electrolysis furnaces.

The first furnace was started up in April 1971. Prince Bernhard officially opened the plant in October of that year.

The factory as a whole shut down in December 2011.

In the middle of 2012 the foundry continued under the name Zalco.



Frankrijkweg 2
4389 PB Vlissingen-Oost
Dock number 5993
The Netherlands


General number: +31 113-615000
Administration: +31 113-615003
Logistics/purchasing: +31 113-615006

Fax: +31 113-615086

Email: info@zalco.nl